Furever Home Kitty Rescue

Angel Bug

I am so lucky that a good person at the shelter I was dumped at gave my Mama a call. I had a fractured skull and my head was very swollen, I had to be rescued that day or I was going to be PTS. So I a very lucky kitten. I went to a special Neurologist and I have to have a MRI in a few weeks to see what kind of permanent damage there might be to my head. I am blind and I was deaf, but now I can hear again. I get daily exercises and treatments to help reduce the swelling to my brain. I getting good food and am making Mew friends.

Our Kitty Of The Month

Every month we will be featuring one of our adoptable kitties.

Wings the big fluffy cat & Cricket our tiny Tortie

Wings has been with us now for 12 yrs. He came to us as a young kitten who was very special. He adopted our then 18 yr. old Yorkie who was getting weaker. He slept with her holding her fragile body, giving her baths and caring for her 24/7 for the next 6 months. He is a healing kitty if anyone is not feeling well he is right by them and trying to help. He has a very  special quality about him and of course he will always be a part of our life. He has a big job helping all of the rescue kitties.


 I am known to many of our followers as our good will ambassador!

My story. I came from a woodpile in the back yard of some people that were friends of my Human sisfur who lives in a town 2 hours from my rescue. I was crying one day sitting outside of my woodpile cause my mama left and never came home to take care of me. I was only 3 weeks old and very tiny  and hungry. So the man took apart the woodpile and saved me and then the rescue took me in and Now I help other rescue kitties. I play with them and I check in all of our supplies and make sure they are kitty approved and safe and I send out our thank you's to our Rescue Angel Helpers. I greet people at the door and meow my welcome to them so they know they are special and I love them.  

Every Life Matters!


Corky is a super sweet love bug. He is 5 years old and FIV positive but that doesn't stop him from living a full and healthy life. Corky gets along well with other cats but would be happy as an only cat as well.


‚ÄčI am Mammas official helper kitty. I make sure all the chores are done, especially the laundry. 

I was rescued from a kill Shelter on my very last day. I was taken there with my siblings cause I bit someone.

and was on a bite hold and could only be rescued by a rescue. I'm a Nibbler, when I get excited I nibble a little on my  human, I don't bite.. I only nibble cause I get so happy and excited. So I hear now at the rescue until someone who understands that us special kitties nibble and will be aloud to adopt me.. I am a very fun kitty, I  help with chores and I talk to my human and chat with her all the time. I a very loving and active kitty.


Is in charge of our kitty activities as well as our daily Facebook reports.

I was a feral kitten that was live trapped and now live the good life inside where I help other foster kitties

at the rescue learn to play and trust humans again. I am the Rescue spokes cat who helps spread the word on

saving stray and feral cats. Because  EVERY Life MATTERS.