Every Life Matters!

Micky, Charities brother.

Micky is a sweet and talkative and love but kitty, he is quite bonded with his brother Skeeter. I would like them to go together.

This litter of kittens was rescued from a yard within our walled community. I get calls from people who know I help cats. these tiny babies were only about 3 weeks old. I caught them quite easily since they were hiding in an aluminum pipe and we gently slid them into a carrier from the pipe. I then life trapped mama that night who was quite feral and she stayed with the kittens for the next 4 weeks until they were weaned and mama was fixed and released back to her home area.


Charity is a female orange tabby which is rare. Only one in four orange kittens are born female. She is a very sweet and loving girl, who will talk to you to let you know what she wants, like treats now please. LOL.

Her tail is a genetically inherited from her father a stray cat we named Curly because his tail is also curved on the end like Charities.



Furever Home Kitty Rescue

Laugh and Hal ADOPTED

These two loving boys are looking for their furever home together. After their owner died they got torn apart and dumped at a kill shelter. Lugah was deemed to fearful to even consider listing as adoptable. This pair was rescued at the last moment and, Boy they were wrong! Lugah is such a love and the braver of the pair. He is helpful with office work and has started overseeing the kitty chores at his foster home. His brother Hal is such a character. He enjoys the finer points in life like a chin massage and room service. Hal and Lugah are approximately 5 years old.